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Versatile, engaging, and always authentic!

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Hi there!

I'm Tracy, the voice behind TOVoice. I've been using my voice since I was young - just ask my brothers! As the youngest and only girl, I had to speak up and be heard. And now, I use my voice to speak up for YOU, YOUR story, and YOUR organization. Whether you need me to be loud, soft, or authentic, I'll bring your project to life with my versatile and engaging voice.

My background in digital technology has equipped me with the skills to keep my teams and clients engaged during training, even when they just wanted to get back to work. And my thirst for learning has led me to become a mentor and teacher at a private school, where I create individualized education curriculums for students of all ages. This experience has taught me how to meet my audience where they are and help them achieve their goals. I even get to teach students all about Voice Over!

As a trainer, teacher, and mentor, I bring my expertise and passion for learning into all my voiceover work. My warm, comforting, and conversational voice is perfect for commercial, narration, educational, and corporate projects. And with my home studio equipment and software, I can deliver broadcast-quality recordings with ease. And I am Source Connect Certified.


Tracy Ortolano recording voice over projects in the booth


Tracy provides the following services from her broadcast quality, Source Connect Certified home studio:

Online/eLearning Narration

Corporate Training

Web-based Training

Product Promotions

k12 Education

Commercial VO:




Social Media


Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Narrations




And more!

Studio Specs/Tools

Shure Beta 27 Mic

SONY Dynamic Stereo Headphones MDR-7506

DAWs: Adobe Audition (Fav), Reaper, Studio One, Audacity

Izotope RX

Sound Treated Recoding Booth

Connect via: Source Connect, Zoom, Skype

How can I help you?

There's a lot riding on your project. 

Tons to plan, decisions to make, deadlines to meet, and more. 


Let me check one thing off your list by becoming your go-to voice-over actor!  As your project is unique to you, let's talk about how I can help:

Call: 571-477-1090 or


Clients love how I collaborate and deliver with quality and

customer service a priority! 


I'd love TO voice your next project too!

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